Attend an MBA Fair in your living room

It’s been a hectic few weeks with interviews for new posts (in strategy and international business, with more in business economics and entrepreneurship coming up) and 1-1 talks with my MBAs about internships and careers. At the same time we are building a booth for a virtual MBA fair.  I can’t say much about this trial right now, but more will follow. But it all eats into your time and I have the feeling that I need to revisit the principles of time management very soon.

Are you in Toronto by the way? If so you may want to meet us at the QS World MBA Tour in Toronto next week. We will also visit these fairs on the Tour:

  • 25 February: Washington DC
  • 28 February: New York
  • 13 March: Rome
  • 23 March: Moscow
  • 17 April: Lagos
  • 19 April: Johannesburg

Apart from picking up programme information you will have a chance to speak to alumni as well so feel free to come along. If you are travelling then check the website to see whether you will be in the area at the time of one of our open days/open evenings. It’s a chance to test-drive the classes.

So what’s going on in the Edinburgh MBA right now?

Well the full-time MBAs have just picked up information about their consultancy projects.  These projects run alongside the programme from end-March till early June. The MBA IB students are now preparing to move abroad to their chosen exchange partner in USA, Canada, France, Spain, China and Singapore.  At the same time they do of course have to keep an eye on this term’s courses and they are all also ramping up the job search so it’s a busy time. We have exchange partners in nine different countries. Next year will be adding a new exchange partner to the list, IPADE Business School in Mexico City. We are very pleased to be able to offer this option next year.


Coming to Toronto on 28 February?

If so then you may want to come and meet us at the World MBA Tour at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.  You will have a chance to speak to a representative from the School as well as recent MBA alumni.  Hope to see you there!  If you read this after and missed us there then just use this link to read about our programmes and also the scholarships on offer.

Some interesting news from the School is the new Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy.  The centre is funded jointly by the ESRC, the Cabinet Office, the Carnegie UK Trust and the Scottish Government.  The School is one of the co-ordinators, represented by Professor Stephen Osborne.

Looking outside the School my main concern these days is the job prospects for my MBAs.  A bit of news from suggests that many MBAs across the Atlantic are adjusting their career aspirations.  As the big banks there have cut thousands of jobs  US MBA graduates expect to have to fight for the few positions available in finance.  Another issue of course is the newly minted MBAs will have to fight those that have been laid off, people with experience.  Things are not much different this side of the Atlantic so a very difficult time, even if we do try and increase the support from the School.