Stanford or bust? Or maybe both…

I just finished an Open Evening for Prospective MBAs. Having been on the go since 9am I am obviously a bit worn by now but I just wanted to share the excitement that is in meeting prospective new students – the getting to know them and finding out what are their motivations and objectives. The Open Evenings are mostly attended by people interested in out part-time MBA programme but not all. Later on, on 5 March we have an Open Day and here most attendees will be focusing on the day-time programmes.

Big in the news just recently and still on-going is of course the Stanford scandal. It is expanding all the time and sorting out this mess is going to be, well, messy because of the intricate structures in the Stanford empire. It would appear that there is no single company that is behind everything else, no entity that can be targeted to bring the whole thing down. Is that very clever or very crooked? No matter the answer to that questions, it would appear obvious that there is no regulation in place to avoid such things. Otherwise, we would of course have put a stop to this a long time ago. Or would we? According to the FT some of the issues leading to the expected collapse were identified but after having paid a $10K fine the company was allowed to continue business as if nothing had happened. Food for though ehh?