Yes, I know it’s rather late to extend this welcome to the new MBA class. The Induction programme started today and I’ve very much enjoyed meeting all the new students. We had an excellent talk by Hilary Sears this morning, very inspiring I must say, and we’ve only just finished the buffet after the “Kissing with Confidence” event, so it’s been a long day. A day that I’ve enjoyed certainly. Ohhh and before you get any wrong ideas, Kissing with Confidence is networking training with Russell Wardrop and his team.

So now I’m a tad tired and want to go home and see it I’ve still got a roof – remnants of hurricane Katia has battered Scotland today. Time to go out and get the full blast of the elements.


Such fun!

This post is kind of personal because it’s about two Edinburgh fringe shows so do not expect intelligent comments about the MBA world or indeed the world economy.

Sarah Millican, a laugh a minute. Sarah, thank you for Optimistic Mondays, hairy toes in the bath, and the joys of (mis)communication with your boyfriend. If you didn’t have a chance to see her in Edinburgh then check if she’s coming to a venue near you soon. And then last night The Magnets. Wow! How do they do that? And do they breathe like normal people? A must see if like music and fun.

A dilemma

If this is not your first visit then you will have seen that I’m a fan of Danny Bhoy, the Scottish stand-up comedian. I saw his show during the Edinburgh Festival last year, and once before that, but this year he’s not formally on the programme. You can find him doing guest spots though. If you also like Danny Bhoy then look for the tweet.  So what does one do when Danny is not to be found? Well I’m going to see Ed Byrne tonight. That should be something. And next week I shall see Sarah Millican. Equally bonkers.

Having thus exposed my preferences when it comes to stand-up I’m sure I have completely lost any respect that my MBAs might have had for me.

OK, so now were are four weeks away from MBA Induction Week. As always we are busy planning and preparing everything for the new class. I know for a fact that Alfredo is here already, from Mexico, and others will be here for the pre-sessional English course. I can’t wait to meet them all in person.

But this is of course also a sign that soon I shall have to say goodbye to the full-time MBA class – Hyunseok has left already and before we know it they will all have moved back/moved on to their new jobs. Incidentally, you can as always check the MBA profiles via our website. You will find some very clever people there.


I suppose that’s a fitting term for the iCloud as introduced by Steve Jobs yesterday. Apart from everything being “i-something” (A rather clever branding me thinks! Is it “i” as in “I” so I am at the centre, as in “information”, “interaction”, or what?) Apple proposes to link everything we do so that we don’t even have to think about where we bookmarked/saved/downloaded something. Steve Jobs said that Apple is demoting the PC/Mac to being simply another device and not the hub of everything “i” that you do.

Whether you are pro or con iCloud probably depends on whether you like to compartmentalise or not. If you like to have EVERYTHING you do available at your fingertips then iCloud is for you.  If not then well, it’s not. I’m still to read more about ICloud so I’m just guessing here.

Interestingly, Business Insider reported that Apple stock dropped while Jobs unveiled the new concept. Is that because they don’t believe in iCloud, or because of the way Steve Jobs looked?

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Get that new suit now

OK, the headline is partly fun but also in part serious. The prices of commodities is increasing and the most recent one to follow suit (pardon the pun) is the price of wool. The largest wool producer, Australia has been hit by extreme weather conditions. This, coupled with the fact that China (as is the case with any commodity) is a strong buyer, has doubled the price on wool. This of course will be passed down the supply chain so maybe it’s time to get that new suit you’ve been thinking about lately?

During my recent absence from my blog I was away attending the Association of MBAs International Conference for Deans and Directors in Geneva. I was delayed in my travels (because of that ash cloud) but I was lucky enough to get there in time for an excellent talk by Professor Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. As always when he talks Professor Schwab raised a number of issues that just make you stop and think; issues that are relevant to MBA providers and I look forward to mulling it over in peace.

And this date is a bit of a milestone for the current full-time MBA class. Today is the deadline for the second last piece of work to be submitted. Yes, just think about it. They joined us mid-September and now only the Capstone Project remains. Good going guys!

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New Chancellor for the University of Edinburgh

HRH The Princess Royal will take over from her dad, the Duke of Edinburgh, as Chancellor for the University of Edinburgh. Princess Anne is also the Patron of the University’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies so HRH has intimate knowledge about the workings of the University. I’m sure the gown with the gold trimmings will suit HRH.

I was away for a break (annual leave of absence) and in the meantime my students on the MBA in International Business (with the exception of Angelena who leaves later) have departed for their exchange. To me this marks an important milestone in the academic calendar because I know for a fact that I won’t see some of these people again. We do keep in contact with the IB students by calling them on a regular basis to ensure that everything is well. At the same time the students on the Full-time MBA is having a very short break before the last term begins next week. They are also working on their consultancy projects so it’s not all free time. Yes, the one-year model is rewarding but a bit hectic.

And before you know it…

In a hectic spring term it is good sometimes to stop up and take one step back. And what do you see? That the “new” class is now almost two-thirds through their courses and, in addition, that a great section of people are getting ready to pack their bags and move to Edinburgh in September for the next MBA intake.

For the full-time MBA class we’re getting ready to launch the consultancy project that will run alongside classes from now on and until June. An exciting selection of organisations have asked our students for help this year and I firmly believe that our students can make a real difference to these organisations. The students will be undertaking projects in areas such as client intelligence, intrapreneurship, sourcing and brand repositioning. At the same time the MBA IBs are keeping an eye on their next move, to the exchange partner, and also on the internship later on in the programme. For them it is a time for change and while they are sad to leave Edinburgh they are excited about the next new horizon.

Do you want to meet “my” students? Have a look at their profiles here. You’ll find a lot of excellent talent. If your organisation would like to invest in any of these people then you can contact them directly via the website.