Bonuses and other stuff

Entirely as expected we now see increased focus on the bonuses offered by the FSA in the UK.  You will remember that I referred to the remuneration scheme at the FSA in my last entry, all boiled down to meeting objectives, contribution to success and goals and a behaviour valued by the FSA.  If I can be cynical – I wonder what successes might be rewarded this year?

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t begrudge the lowly paid minions their bonuses.  They have had no opportunity to do anything about the mess we currently find ourselves in, and their private budget would collapse without this bonus.  But should we pay fat-cat bonuses to people who already take home enormous salaries and who had the knowledge about the imminent mess and did nothing about it?  But yes, we can go on and on about past mistakes.  This is only good if we learn from it so can the bonus system undergo a major re-haul in the next 12 months please?

I was just leafing through my diary this morning and I realised that I will be sending off my students on the MBA in International Business on their exchanges in about six weeks time.  Yup guys, just another six weeks to go before you are off.  Amazing how time flies when you are having fun.  After the exchange comes the internship and then the dissertation, and the sad fact (for me anyway) is that some of my IB students will not return to Edinburgh after 1st April. After the dissertation they will fact-track into their (new) careers and be far too busy to attend graduation.

At the same time as writing this I am of course in touch with and assessing applicants from all over the world who want to come here in September and this just goes to show the cyclical nature of life in the MBA provide lane.