Integrative Project Week

This week my students are all busy with their Integrative Project, the one that serves to bring together the core courses taught in Semester 1.  It seems to be going OK but with a bit of settling in as this is very different from classes.  This morning we, among other things, had the National Advertising Awards (not to be confused with the real thing) with awards for the groups’ advertising posters – one winner and two runner-ups.  Our good friends, Jill Taylor and Kevin Bird from family came in and acted as experts.

Next week we will go into revision before six exams and then it is Christmas.  As it happens it’s only another month to go today.  Well, it is for Danes as we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Behind the scene we work on a review of our MBA.  It is essential to do this regularly so that you know that your offering is in line with what is required by the market.  This makes it sound very business-like and running a business school is like running a business.  We should be aware of what the market requires.  Otherwise, why would you want to come to the University of Edinburgh Business School for your MBA?