Such fun!

This post is kind of personal because it’s about two Edinburgh fringe shows so do not expect intelligent comments about the MBA world or indeed the world economy.

Sarah Millican, a laugh a minute. Sarah, thank you for Optimistic Mondays, hairy toes in the bath, and the joys of (mis)communication with your boyfriend. If you didn’t have a chance to see her in Edinburgh then check if she’s coming to a venue near you soon. And then last night The Magnets. Wow! How do they do that? And do they breathe like normal people? A must see if like music and fun.


A dilemma

If this is not your first visit then you will have seen that I’m a fan of Danny Bhoy, the Scottish stand-up comedian. I saw his show during the Edinburgh Festival last year, and once before that, but this year he’s not formally on the programme. You can find him doing guest spots though. If you also like Danny Bhoy then look for the tweet.  So what does one do when Danny is not to be found? Well I’m going to see Ed Byrne tonight. That should be something. And next week I shall see Sarah Millican. Equally bonkers.

Having thus exposed my preferences when it comes to stand-up I’m sure I have completely lost any respect that my MBAs might have had for me.

OK, so now were are four weeks away from MBA Induction Week. As always we are busy planning and preparing everything for the new class. I know for a fact that Alfredo is here already, from Mexico, and others will be here for the pre-sessional English course. I can’t wait to meet them all in person.

But this is of course also a sign that soon I shall have to say goodbye to the full-time MBA class – Hyunseok has left already and before we know it they will all have moved back/moved on to their new jobs. Incidentally, you can as always check the MBA profiles via our website. You will find some very clever people there.

When your back is turned…

Amazing the things that happen when you go off for a holiday, three weeks and just back yesterday.

No, I’m not talking about the school or the MBA but the things going on around the world.

In April I blogged about S&P’s adjustment of the US long-term rating from “stable” to “negative”. No one who follows the news can have missed that S&P have now followed up on this and downgraded the US to AA. Despite President Obama’s comment that the US will always be triple A, some may see it as a signal to the world that the trustworthiness of the US has been tainted when it comes to paying the bills. If the world agrees with S&P this can mean that borrowing may be more expensive of the US. If the world agrees with Obama then it is business as usual. Incidentally, Obama was quite keen to send the signal during his presidential campaign that “business as usual” couldn’t continue.

In London and elsewhere in England riots have been taking place. It began as a peaceful protest but this has now been made the vehicle of organised looting and youngster showing off, best illustrated by looters, while drinking looted wine boasted that they were showing police and the rich.

But yes, let’s turn to the University of Edinburgh Business School: at first glance quiet but as I’ve said before don’t let this lure you into thinking that nothing is happening. A lot is happening! The full-time MBA class is working hard in their internships or on completing their final projects, amidst securing jobs of course, and students in the MBA IB class are busily working away on their internships. Soon it will be their turn to focus on the final project. And would you believe it: three weeks from today we have the first Early Bird reception for the incoming class.

As you may or may not remember we have moved to new premises on George Square. And the Edinburgh Festival has moved with us. We used to have it on our doorstep in the purple up-side-down cow on Bristo Square but this year George Square gardens is teeming with people enjoying the various offerings in the festival. It is enjoyable but I can’t help feeling a bit sorry for my MBAs: they work hard and try to concentrate and then all these distractions just outside the building.


A time of transition

Yesterday, more than anything proved that this is a time of transition: in the morning I hosted the first of our MBA Early Bird receptions and in the afternoon the drinks reception to celebrate dissertation submission for the outgoing full-time MBA class. A few from the outgoing class looked rather as if they hadn’t slept much lately.  Especially Vaibhav. At the Early Bird reception I met with Pavel (Czech Republic), Cihan (Turkey), Bob (Germany, Lale (Turkey), Libing (China) and Tunyaluk (Thailand). A few more are in Edinburgh already and I hope to meet with them at the next Early Bird reception Thursday next week. It is a strange time, no doubt about that, and full of promises. I can’t wait to meet the new class!

Edinburgh is getting back to normal after the Festival. I’m probably a boring old so and so but I think the whole thing is growing too big. It’s almost impossible to get round the City Centre because of all the events taking place and people desperately trying to get there in time. Cutting back and improving the quality of the events, that ought to be the way forward because there really is a lot of rubbish on offer. Many, many very good things but also a lot of rubbish.

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The excitement is mounting

And so is the sadness….

As more and more of the students in my new MBA class is arriving into Edinburgh the prospect of a new class becomes ever more exciting.  At the same time it’s time for me to realise that the great people that are the full-time MBA class of 2009-10 will be trickling away in the next few weeks.  Luckily those of the MBAIB class of 2009-10 will still be around for another few months but then it will also be time to say goodbye to them.

But I do have a cracking group of people lined up to take over and as some of them have settled in Edinburgh all ready I’ve had a chance to meet and say hi.  I can also see from the activity on the Google group for the incoming class that they are very busy getting acquainted.

Our new home is shaping up nicely.  Still a few finishing touches but we’re getting there.

You will probably know that the Festival season is upon Edinburgh, with more shows on offer than very before.  Visitors are in abundance but unfortunately they have been greeted by showers.  Well we did need the rain.  I’m planning to see a couple of things (Danny Bhoy is a definite!) but otherwise I’ll keep a low profile this year.