Pudsey day!

If you don’t know what that is then you’ve never dyed your hair purple. Or had a cake sale. Or had a Sponsored Silence Day (recommended for parents and school teachers). Or had your beard shaved off. Or whatever people get up to, all in help of the charity called Children in Need.  Here at the University of Edinburgh Business School we have a book sale and a cake raffle today so let’s hope we raise lots of money.

On the MBA side, we have the last day of the weekly classes. Next week we have a week-long course in Strategic Management to cap it all off. It’s taught by my Director colleague, Dr Brad MacKay. That’s going to be fun. And of course more hard work but it all pays off. I know that when we get into the next semester then the class is so well prepared. Next semester is of course very different. The semester the class is taking all the same courses, have the same assignments and the same programme. After Christmas it will be very different when the only shared class is Corporate Strategy. That’s when you see individuality beginning to develop.

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