Unexpected outcomes of an earth quake

First, I do not in any way want to suggest that the earth quake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in March is anything to joke about. Quite the contrary and the School was very happy to support Japanese students when they had a fund-raiser in the School. The devastation was hearth breaking. Under the heading “Scientists Misjudged Quake Potential“, the WSJ quoted scientists when explaining that the seismic complexity of the much explored area round Japan had been underestimated.

But I was interested to see that the ensuing power shortage has wetted the appetite for energy efficient products in Japan. Owing to the way the Japanese economy has been constructed the country is in a great needs power. This need is amplified by the fact that private people are into their gadgets. It is rumoured that company that serves the Tokyo area (TEPCO) used to boast that they would sell more electricity than was consumed in all of Italy. While new generating power is being established a shortage of about 10% is still expected and as a consequence Japanese consumers are now to a much greater extent looking towards green gadgets when they go shopping. If this can continue then even a massive disaster like the earthquake/tsunami is a cloud with a silver lining.

Closer to home, it’s quite a busy time actually as I’m working on the 2011-12 version of the Edinburgh MBA with Brad MacKay, my director colleague, while keeping an eye on applications (looking good) and also the incumbent class. In a sense I haven’t really got the time to head off for Geneva next week for the Association of MBA (AMBA) conference. But it will be good to have the opportunity to network with business school colleagues.

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I’m back

Sorry to have deserted you for some time. As you know I would be off for a week (and wasn’t that nice!) but then I had to go to London most of last week so I never really had time to check in.

Among other things I attended the MBA Fair at the Thistle Marble Arch in London – maybe I met you? I certainly spoke to a number of interesting and interested candidates and if you were one of them then I hope to see you in Edinburgh in September.

I was just checking the Google group for incoming MBA students. It’s good to see the networking there. It is by invitation only so if you have accepted a place on one of our MBA programmes and didn’t receive your invitation then please let me know. I do check daily but could have missed a new name on the list.

The funny thing is that it looks as it is snowing outside my window. It isn’t. It’s just the petals falling of the cherry trees that I mentioned before. I did get that picture by the way and will upload it later.

Coming to London on 18 October?

If so then you might want to meet us at the AMBA MBA Fair at the Thistle Hotel Marble Arch.  You will have a chance to speak to our Admissions Coordinator as well as recent MBA alumni.  You may find this a bit early given that classes only begin in September 2009 but if you are interested in the MBA then the sooner you make your decision about where to go the sooner you can begin planning ahead.  If you are in Edinburgh and you are considering the University of Edinburgh Business School then you are also very welcome to drop in and meet with myself or one of my colleagues – nothing beats actually visiting the environment where you are to study later.  It has to be somewhere that you (and maybe your family?) can feel at home.  If you can then please do go and visit the schools you are considering.  Meet staff and the current students and see what they are doing right now.  Planning ahead is also important if you are to take the GMAT as part of your application.  So hope to see you there or maybe here.

On a personal note I’m finalising the data for our exam board meeting next week.  Everything needs checking and re-checking to make sure it all runs smoothly.  As I have mentioned before, this is the final exam board meeting for the full-time class of 2007-8.  The IB class (our shorthand for the MBA in International Business class) have to wait until next year as they only submit their final project in December.