What do you want from an MBA?

Yes, despite eight years of involvement in the Edinburgh MBA I still can’t see one simple answer to this. Part of the explanation is of course that it is subjective. It depends on your past education, your career so far, your future career, and what is the added benefit that you want (specialisation, international experience, etc). And some just want a bigger salary. Although linked to the above another part of the answer is that it also depends on the current state of affairs in the world – what is the “deal-breaker” for you to secure your future at the exact moment in time when you consider undertaking an MBA.

I’ve seen plenty of surveys from our various collaboration partners but the problem with these is of course that in surveys you have to keep it to relatively short questions.


Over to you.

What do you think?

If you can choose only one thing then what is the most important thing/outcome that the MBA experience should give you?

Feel free to comment.

And remember only one thing.



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