I suppose that’s a fitting term for the iCloud as introduced by Steve Jobs yesterday. Apart from everything being “i-something” (A rather clever branding me thinks! Is it “i” as in “I” so I am at the centre, as in “information”, “interaction”, or what?) Apple proposes to link everything we do so that we don’t even have to think about where we bookmarked/saved/downloaded something. Steve Jobs said that Apple is demoting the PC/Mac to being simply another device and not the hub of everything “i” that you do.

Whether you are pro or con iCloud probably depends on whether you like to compartmentalise or not. If you like to have EVERYTHING you do available at your fingertips then iCloud is for you.  If not then well, it’s not. I’m still to read more about ICloud so I’m just guessing here.

Interestingly, Business Insider reported that Apple stock dropped while Jobs unveiled the new concept. Is that because they don’t believe in iCloud, or because of the way Steve Jobs looked?

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Get that new suit now

OK, the headline is partly fun but also in part serious. The prices of commodities is increasing and the most recent one to follow suit (pardon the pun) is the price of wool. The largest wool producer, Australia has been hit by extreme weather conditions. This, coupled with the fact that China (as is the case with any commodity) is a strong buyer, has doubled the price on wool. This of course will be passed down the supply chain so maybe it’s time to get that new suit you’ve been thinking about lately?

During my recent absence from my blog I was away attending the Association of MBAs International Conference for Deans and Directors in Geneva. I was delayed in my travels (because of that ash cloud) but I was lucky enough to get there in time for an excellent talk by Professor Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. As always when he talks Professor Schwab raised a number of issues that just make you stop and think; issues that are relevant to MBA providers and I look forward to mulling it over in peace.

And this date is a bit of a milestone for the current full-time MBA class. Today is the deadline for the second last piece of work to be submitted. Yes, just think about it. They joined us mid-September and now only the Capstone Project remains. Good going guys!

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