To Oussama Khalil from the full-time MBA programme who ran the Edinburgh Marathon yesterday. He ran a personal best despite having to battle strong winds on his way back. No wonder he looks a bit tired today!

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Unexpected outcomes of an earth quake

First, I do not in any way want to suggest that the earth quake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in March is anything to joke about. Quite the contrary and the School was very happy to support Japanese students when they had a fund-raiser in the School. The devastation was hearth breaking. Under the heading “Scientists Misjudged Quake Potential“, the WSJ quoted scientists when explaining that the seismic complexity of the much explored area round Japan had been underestimated.

But I was interested to see that the ensuing power shortage has wetted the appetite for energy efficient products in Japan. Owing to the way the Japanese economy has been constructed the country is in a great needs power. This need is amplified by the fact that private people are into their gadgets. It is rumoured that company that serves the Tokyo area (TEPCO) used to boast that they would sell more electricity than was consumed in all of Italy. While new generating power is being established a shortage of about 10% is still expected and as a consequence Japanese consumers are now to a much greater extent looking towards green gadgets when they go shopping. If this can continue then even a massive disaster like the earthquake/tsunami is a cloud with a silver lining.

Closer to home, it’s quite a busy time actually as I’m working on the 2011-12 version of the Edinburgh MBA with Brad MacKay, my director colleague, while keeping an eye on applications (looking good) and also the incumbent class. In a sense I haven’t really got the time to head off for Geneva next week for the Association of MBA (AMBA) conference. But it will be good to have the opportunity to network with business school colleagues.

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Will you join us for the alumni weekend?

Regular readers of our alumni magazine Aluminate will hopefully have seen the invitation to the Postgraduate Alumni Weekend in July 2011, 28-30th to be more precise. We have a one-day conference on Sustainability in Business on the agenda, and also social events including a ceilidh. The most important thing is of course to meet up with your old classmates and reminisce on your time as a student here in Edinburgh. Visit the Alumni Weekend website for more information.

We hope to see you!

The current full-time MBAs have now completed their classes and even if some will have one or two assignments still to complete most will now be able to focus on their Consultancy projects. Working for a number of interesting clients the class now helps a variety of businesses with strategic related problems. At the same time, I’m sure, the MBA IB class is keeping an eye on things in Edinburgh while at the same time working hard (I hope! Ha ha.) during their exchange. Noelia though has returned already after her sojourn at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. And very soon the IB students will move on to their internships. Consultancy projects and internships is all part of “partnering” with the University of Edinburgh Business School. Read more here if you would like to take on an intern of you would like input from a team of our MBAs.

MBA Leadership in the Highlands

Frequent readers of this blog will know that my FT MBAs were away in the Highlands last week for the advanced leadership course, with expert facilitators Scott Kress and David Gibson from Summit Training. Judging from the photo, kindly made available by Yukiko from the class, they had a great time.

The reality is that this is the second last week of classes. We have the Climate Change and Challenge for Business and Management Consultancy classes next week and that’s another year gone. Or at least that’s how it feels like. A multitude of things will happen after that but the last week of classes in Edinburgh mark a milestone in the full-time MBA programme.

For the MBAIB students it is of course  completely different matter as they are away on their exchanges just now, in Barcelona, Paris and Durham, NC. Don’t forget all about us guys!

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