And before you know it…

In a hectic spring term it is good sometimes to stop up and take one step back. And what do you see? That the “new” class is now almost two-thirds through their courses and, in addition, that a great section of people are getting ready to pack their bags and move to Edinburgh in September for the next MBA intake.

For the full-time MBA class we’re getting ready to launch the consultancy project that will run alongside classes from now on and until June. An exciting selection of organisations have asked our students for help this year and I firmly believe that our students can make a real difference to these organisations. The students will be undertaking projects in areas such as client intelligence, intrapreneurship, sourcing and brand repositioning. At the same time the MBA IBs are keeping an eye on their next move, to the exchange partner, and also on the internship later on in the programme. For them it is a time for change and while they are sad to leave Edinburgh they are excited about the next new horizon.

Do you want to meet “my” students? Have a look at their profiles here. You’ll find a lot of excellent talent. If your organisation would like to invest in any of these people then you can contact them directly via the website.