Will Sony get the mojo back?

Building on Drucker’s famous words “The customer defines the business“, Sony’s Chief Transformation Officer George Bailey is pushing the company to realise that what the market wants the mark should have. And not only that, he wants Sony to retake their top position when it comes to design. Sony didn’t get worse but the competitors got better. The fact that Sony is looking to the future is further supported by the search for a new president who could succeed Howard Stringer, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Stringer currently also holds the role of president but relieving him of this would lighten 69-year old Stringer’s workload. Let’s keep an eye on Sony shan’t we?

Today was the Graduation for the 2009-10 full-time MBA class and we had the formal celebrations in McEwan Hall. We had lunch with the graduates in Teviot Row House, the oldest purpose-built student union in the world, and then an informal reception for the MBAs in the new School in the afternoon. It’s always sad to see a class leave but that’s the nature of this job. As Meriem said: “Inger, in your job you must really be aware of the years passing by.” You are so right Meriem!

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