More ash clouds

Do you remember when Eyjafjallajökull erupted on Iceland in the Spring? Maybe you were even affected by this. Now the volcano Merapi in Indonesia is affecting flights in the region and the Indonesian government has issued warnings to airlines about avoiding the area. Merapi has been rumbling for a week time now causing tens of thousands to flee the area and 38 people have lost their lives as a direct consequence. The eruption may be linked to an earth quake which triggered a tsunami killing more than 430 people. The geography of Indonesia makes it difficult to send the much needed aid. Despite all our technological advances there are still many barriers to mankind.

Not nearly as far away, just outside my door in fact, MBA life is moving on. Although I’m sure Agus from Indonesia may worry for friends and family. We are now in the seventh week of classes and all are still looking reasonably bright. Some even had took the time to visit the Highlands in the weekend. Although a bit windy I hear that they had a a very nice break.

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