Feeling relaxed…

And I hope you are too.  I’m in Denmark just now and have enjoyed Christmas with my family but soon I’ll go back home to Edinburgh.  My MBAs are away to enjoy a well deserved break and at the same time next year’s class is slowly but surely amassing out there and I can’t wait to meet them in person. Last’s years class are moving on with their careers and so are the ones before them.  Being involved in an MBA programme is really a cyclical enterprise.  Sorry if I’m in a bit of a philosophical mood but as you know – I do enjoy my involvement with the Edinburgh MBA.

Anyway, I’ll log off soon but I just wanted this chance to say Happy 2010 to those of you reading this on a regular basis!


Bailout of Dubai

You probably saw that Abu Dhabi in the end decided to bailout what we have come to know as Dubai but it is in fact the government-owned Dubai World – the investment company behind the wonder that is Dubai.  But, yes, it is Dubai. I seems that if you are big enough then you won’t have to pay for your errors. Only smaller companies are allowed to go down but I suppose you can’t let a country go bankrupt. If you didn’t know then Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates along with six other emirates. This federation of emirates is governed by a Council made up of the seven emirs but only Abu Dhabi has oil reserves to speak of and consequently they get to call the shots when it comes to the bigger decisions. The biggest decision recently is that the Dubai Government will not have to hand over the keys to Dubai to their creditors.

Today sees the last of the exams for my MBA class this semester. This evening we’ll meet for a Christmas party and then we’ll all set off for the break from Friday. That will be nice!

So this is Christmas…

“And what have you done. Another year over. And a new one just begun.”
(Words borrowed from John Lennon and Yoko Ono.)

I suppose this is what many of us do these days; take stock and wonder what happened to 2009. And, probably more importantly, what happened in 2009. The World certainly saw both ups and downs, mostly downs admittedly but let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that we can avoid the double dip.

Although at this point in time a very large number of Christmas travellers are considering their options after the strike announced by BA cabin crew from 22-29 December.  A rather short-term decision I would think.  And according to comments, not at all understood by people, especially cabin crew from other airlines who allegedly are paid about half of BA crew.  Browsing the BBC website I happened to see this “Cleaners ‘worth more to society’ than bankers“. It’s a study of the value created/destroyed by different groups of workers. Read about Advertising Executives and Tax Accountants yourself.

I wonder what is the assessment of MBA Directors!?! 😉

The news from the MBA class is that “We are almost there!”, just one more exam to go tomorrow and then it’s off for a well-deserved break. It’s been a hectic semester but I’m pleased to see that all are puling their weight and getting a lot of stuff done. After the break we will place even more emphasis on the job search, networking and getting in front of employers.  That is, after all, what the MBA is about: moving on in your career while at the same time develop the skills that will allow you to continue to learn. With this in mind we are tinkering with the programme all the time. For the 2010 intake we have made some bigger changes with an MBA Capstone course in Strategic Management to top off Semester 1; recognised pathways with a Certificate in Finance, Carbon Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategy or Family Business; and an Advanced Leadership course in the Spring.  This course will place even more emphasis on leadership in the programme. The course will take place in the Scottish Highlands but students will not be required to trek through the Highlands with only army rations in their packs. It’s about leadership.

As you read this you begin to think that this has an End-of -Year feel to it. You may want to say: “Hey, isn’t this a bit early to be writing about this?” Well, yes, but Friday 18th is my last day before I shoot of to enjoy the break. So let me finish off with more words from John and Yoko’s Christmas song:

And so this is Christmas.  I hope you have fun. The near and the dear ones. The old and the young.