And now it’s all over…

Well, this semester’s classes at least.  Yes, my not so new MBA class have now completed the classes this semester and are now busily preparing for the Integrative Project that takes places this week. Then it’s revision and exam time, and in a few more weeks and we will all be way for the Christmas break. Tempus fugit as a very dear friend of mine would always say. Next semester we will welcome a number of exchange students from EADA, Fisher College of Business, ESSEC Business School and Schulich School of Business. I’ll also welcome back Bidzina who’ll be taking the next stage of his Modular programme. So a lot of new inspiration into the programme.  I like this because it prevents the ‘group think’ that could otherwise easily emerge in a comparatively small MBA class.

This week also sees another graduation ceremony. A number of MBAs from the 2008 intake will present themselves for the traditional capping with the bonnet, allegedly made from the material from John Knox’s breeches. If true that of course makes it very old. A small item was added recently though. Piers Sellers (alumni, astronaut and ecologist) took a university emblem with him on one of his space jaunts and this emblem was later fashioned into the bonnet. You won’t find many bonnets like that! But as always it will be a happy and sad occasion. It’s good to be able to celebrate with the soon-to-be-alumni but also sad to say good-bye.  I do hope that I’ll get the chance to meet with many from the supporters’ team: the family and friends of our students.  That is always a great pleasure.

If you visit regularly you will have noticed that it has been some time since my last entry. I caught flu (no not the flu) at a busy time so couldn’t stay at home which is the best cure for flu. Therefore this has been lingering producing fatigue. I say I’m fine but I think only a good long Christmas break will mend this.


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