The run up to Copenhagen

Countries, organisations and individuals are preparing for the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in December.  Hopes are high that real results will be reached but in that context it was interesting to see the list from the EU Commission of industries that because of competition restrictions should be pardoned from paying for carbon emissions the next five years. The list include industries such as coal mines and vineyards. Do we detect a pattern? The publication of the list is even more surprising given that  EU will be asking other major CO2 emitting countries such as the USA and China to get their act together at the upcoming conference. Although the EU seems to be prepared to drop the list if a proper international agreement can be reached in Copenhagen. Call me a cynic but I don’t think we will make real progress until the major Governments in the World find their parliaments two inches deep in water. And it is difficult because we don’t know how any of the changes that we want to make will affect the economy.  This is the most frequent explanation for not doing enough – we can’t afford it. I shall refrain from making the obvious rhetoric reply.

The MBA class is doing well.  We are in week eight of teaching. Next week is the last week of classes before our Integrative Project. After that it is time for revision and exams before we take the Christmas break. Next semester we move on to the Strategy courses and electives. We will welcome five exchange students from Essec Business School, Fisher College of Business and Schulich School of Business.


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