Coming to Taipei on 17 November?

If so then you might want to meet us at the World MBA Tour at the Westin Taipei on Nanking East Road.  You will have a chance to speak to a representative from the School as well as recent MBA alumni.  You may find this a bit early but if you are to take the GMAT as part of your application as well as secure the student visa then the sooner the better.  Hope to see you there!  If you read this after and missed us there then just use the link to read about our programmes and also the scholarships on offer.

Here, classes in the first semester is coming to an end – next week is the last week.  After that we have the Integrative Project before moving into revision before exams.  Most in the class feel that they have only just begun their studies but the MBA year passes like nothing else and it is very intensive.  That’s why I always encourage my students to make sure that they take advantage of the Christmas break: three lovely weeks.  For the students anyway.  Not so for me; I’ll be back after two weeks to ensure that everything is ready for the next semester.

Well, I’m in need of a coffee now so…


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  1. hey you should post this on

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  2. Thanks for this. Saw it too late unfortunately.

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